25 January 2016

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The logo communicates the diverse ideas of competence, care, health, and history.

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18 January 2016

Winter Solstice 22.12.15

This year's Solstice was on the 22 of December on a snowless, rather warm Tuesday.  The invitation design managed to perfectly capture the spirit of the night.

The Friends of the Donau in Ingolstadt

02 February 2015

Bear Food Trading Co. - delicious, nutritious food nearby

Bears forage over wide areas and build up their strength and reserves before hibernating over winter. Bears eat an 80% plant based diet, with the remaining 20% comprised of fish and meat in the form of small animals or hunted game. Because they have territory it can be said that they eat regional and seasonal. For these reasons, we were inspired to create a gourmet lunch service with the bear as our mentor.

17 December 2014

Winter Solstice Fire 21.12.

This year we expect a full house, or as many faces as our fire can warm.

03 December 2014

We're No Angels

A series of winged pillows.

12 November 2014

Remembrance Day 11.11 - A Tail of Two Sides

My Nanna, the war bride. Grew up in Dorking south of London. Her father suffered a heart attack and died during the bombing of southern England. Her mother followed a few months later. She was pregnant at the time, 19, and waiting for her husband to return safely, while trying to survive the air raids. Some of her brothers were still over seas, some had returned (wounded, maimed). She carried her baby through the hottest July she can remember. 

bouncing baby, 1942

07 November 2014

Canadian Wood - Room number 212 Schlossblumenthal Hotel

Every room is unique in this boutique hotel in Bavaria. Each artist/designer was asked to design a room on a very low budget and show their talents and interests. Canadian Wood shows the possibility of using wood in various ways and forms, while also sharing some Canadian myths, stories, and cliches. All pacifier objects are handmade original designs. Lamps, pillows, nightstand and day blanket are a few of the objects I designed.

raven lamp