good design might just be finding passion in something other than design

but life, like design, is an iterative process.


15 December 2012

25 September 2012

Freunde der Donau

freunde der donau

04 July 2012

Hug - Medical Tubing Manager

A project we are hoping to bring to market.

13 February 2011

one year and one baby later...

This year's challenge will be to resuscitate my blog - wish me luck. Other goals include starting new medical device design projects and developing some stuffed animal concepts. The motto for the year is "reconnect and engage"!

14 January 2010


We submitted, we waited and we sweat it out... checking email with an obsession that shaved a few years off my laptop and now the results are in!! We didn't win! But we were shortlisted (150 of 3000), which is really very fabulous for a product that has little to do with "home accessories, tableware, utensils, small furniture..." But has everything to do with the other criteria as outlined in this beautiful sentence: "craftsmanship produces superior quality products, with attention to detail that reflect the careful artisan precision. by combining skill, commitment and judgment, the craftsman establishes a close relationship between head and hand, man and machine, which is vital to our physical, mental and societal well-being". This small endorsement is a nice push to explore the possibilites of these designs as products. The question remains: Cat, Croc or Mobile???

28 December 2009

green = sexy PART 2!

Thanks Nadine for the "green" post it reminded me of some of our guiding principles here at Pacifier; one, that we are interested in ideas about design, culture and sustainability; and second, that those ideas should have some sort of "hot" component; something surprising or good or exciting or dare I say sublime, a something that makes us say "yes, yes please".

Here is a perfect example. It is a smoker of a project, seriously wicked actually. What happens when you make everything you need to wear for one year yourself? That is what Natalie asked herself a few months ago. She is interested in identity, production and design. Her project is called Makeshift and is expressed in daily outfit shots posted on her blog - so far we don't get to see her underwear, but they and her shoes etc are also part of the "make it all myself" parameter.

Makeshift Project: Day 114 December 23, 2009

Something else that got my attention recently (during the COP15 lead-up excitement) were how many blogs and alternative "news" sources there are. Actually many of these sites are better considered magazines, but I find them thoughtful and most excellent and tend to say "oh, yes!" to them.

Here are a couple:

16 December 2009

green = sexy

i like sexy. so, does that mean i like green?

i like this site. it's easy to digest, it's cute (sexy?) & it keeps things simple for us novice greenfolk.