12 November 2014

Remembrance Day 11.11 - A Tail of Two Sides

My Nanna, the war bride. Grew up in Dorking south of London. Her father suffered a heart attack and died during the bombing of southern England. Her mother followed a few months later. She was pregnant at the time, 19, and waiting for her husband to return safely, while trying to survive the air raids. Some of her brothers were still over seas, some had returned (wounded, maimed). She carried her baby through the hottest July she can remember. 

bouncing baby, 1942

07 November 2014

Canadian Wood - Room number 212 Schlossblumenthal Hotel

Every room is unique in this boutique hotel in Bavaria. Each artist/designer was asked to design a room on a very low budget and show their talents and interests. Canadian Wood shows the possibility of using wood in various ways and forms, while also sharing some Canadian myths, stories, and cliches. All pacifier objects are handmade original designs. Lamps, pillows, nightstand and day blanket are a few of the objects I designed.

raven lamp

25 September 2012

Freunde der Donau

Logo design for local initiative to better connect the Danube to city life.


04 July 2012

Hug - Medical Tubing Manager

Hug wins reddot design award 2012!!


13 February 2011

one year and one baby later...

This year's challenge will be to resuscitate my blog - wish me luck. Other goals include starting new medical device design projects and developing some stuffed animal concepts. The motto for the year is "reconnect and engage"!

14 January 2010



I submitted, I waited and I sweat it out... checking email with an obsession that shaved a few years off my laptop and now the results are in!! I didn't win! But I was shortlisted (150 of 3000), which is really very fabulous for a product that has little to do with "home accessories, tableware, utensils, small furniture..." But has everything to do with the other criteria as outlined in this beautiful sentence: "craftsmanship produces superior quality products, with attention to detail that reflect the careful artisan precision. by combining skill, commitment and judgment, the craftsman establishes a close relationship between head and hand, man and machine, which is vital to our physical, mental and societal well-being". This small endorsement is a nice push to explore the possibilites of these designs as products. The question remains: Cat, Croc or Mobile???